• 【YF103】 ABS air diffuser-CIRCULAR  TYPE
  • 【YF103】 ABS air diffuser-CIRCULAR  TYPE
【YF103】 ABS air diffuser-CIRCULAR  TYPE【YF103】 ABS air diffuser-CIRCULAR  TYPE

【YF103】 ABS air diffuser-CIRCULAR TYPE

  • Face dimension: A:Ø405mm B:Ø510mm
  • Installation dimension: A:Ø340mm B:Ø445mm
  • Neck dimension: A:Ø6
  • Product description: Dongguan Yuanfeng Air conditioner parts Co., Ltd. Main production:Aluminum foil flexible duct,Insulated Aluminum foil flexible duct,ABS air diffuser,Aluminium foil air pipe,Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct

As For air supply in multiple layers which help to speed up induction of secondary room air to assure draft-free comfort in occupied spaces. Four-way square diffusers give equal supply in all directions while three, two and one way diffusers limit the supply only in the required direction. Removable core simplifies installation and avoids visible mounting screws.

DESCRIPTION: Fixed blades diffuser at 30°, 4-way injection and with a removable core. The fixed diffuser of removable core, provides a maximum of free area, mixed with a great look. This design has a great efficiency due to its injection pattern and deflection angle, besides its installation is extremely fast by its hidden screws.


Accord register and grilles are engineered and tested to the industry's highest standards. Each part is individually inspected for quality before it is packaged.

-ABS construction

-Step-down diffuser

-Accepts ceiling damper


Item : YF103

Material: ABS

Face Diameter: 405mm, 510mm

Face Diameter(mm)



Neck Diameter(mm)

6" 8" 10" 12"

12" 14"

Color: White:


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